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1/2 LB Chunks $4.00    WHOLE POUNT $8.00


Nov 21 Fri Comedy Show 8 PM
Nov 22 Sat Wyatt Trash 9 PM
Nov 25 Tue Kyle Smithers (Acoustic) 7 - 11 pm

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 What do we love ALMOST as much as the Detroit Tigers at the Sodbuster Bar?  THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES!!!! 

WELL, they have done it again.  Thanks to a great win over Michigan State, they are right in the thick of things for a chance at the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  Only a few things stand in their way and the BIGGEST is That School Up North.   That wimpy football team that calls one of their colors Maize.  What the heck is Maize?   What, Teal and Chartreuse weren't available? 

Anyway, The Sodbuster Bar will AGAIN bring you a classic OSU/um game on November 29th. Come on in an cheer on the Buckeyes (or that other team, if you must). 



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