Our Saturday hours are 4pm - 2:30am
Saturday's Specials

ALL WRAPS (and BLT)  JUST $5.00


Nov 01 Sat Two Hour Delay 8 PM
Nov 05 Wed Ragtime Rick & His Chefs of Dixieland 8 PM - 11 PM
Nov 07 Fri The Skittle Botts 9 PM

The Second Best Bar in Sylvania!



 What do we love ALMOST as much as the Detroit Tigers at the Sodbuster Bar?  Halloween!!  Make certain to make plans for our THIRD ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY.  This is your chance to put the kids to bed and show the world that Halloween is really about the adults. 


We have Not Your Average Band making a return appearance for Halloween.  We will also be giving away prizes for Original Costume, Sexiest Costume and others.  Rumor has it that the creepy buy in the black overcoat won't be there this year, either.


So, load the kids up on their Halloween Candy, put them to bed and head on out and party the Sodbuster Way!!!


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